Bandsaw Blades

Sourced from the best materials around the world, LAGUNA bandsaw blades deliver unmatched precision and quality

Resaw King

Works For Wood
Teeth Alloy M42
Set None
Wear Resistance Superior
Performs Best Resawing
Finish Ultra Smooth

Shear Force

Works For Wood
Teeth Alloy Carbon Steel
Set Variable
Wear Resistance Strong
Performs Best Resawing
Finish Smooth


Works For Wood
Teeth Alloy M42
Set None
Wear Resistance Superior
Performs Best Resawing
Finish Ultra Smooth

How To Choose The Perfect Blade


In general, a blade with a higher TPI (Teeth Per Inch) will produce a smoother finish, but slower feed rate. Lower TPIs (1 – 3) will give you a rougher finish but faster feed rate.

Cutting Speed

This refers to how fast wood can be fed through the saw. Lower TPIs will feed faster. Higher TPIs are great for more intricate cuts. Using correct feed speed is vital in obtaining desired results.

Cutting Radius

Below, you will see the recommended sizes to cut radius. Smaller width blades will cut tighter circles. For straight, resawing cuts, it is usually best to choose the widest blade your saw will allow.

Resaw King

Made in Germany | Elite Resaw Blade | C-4 Carbide Tipped | Ultra-Thin Kerf | 4X Resharpen-able

The Resawking is the premier bandsaw blade from LAGUNA. Offering ultra-smooth cuts when resawing, the Resawking bandsaw blade is the perfect choice for any resawing: especially hardwoods and exotics. Custom lengths are available at no additional cost.

  • Individually brazed and ground teeth using diamond wheels
  • Triple vari-tooth design minimizes vibration and lowers harmonics
  •  Provides ultra-smooth cut quality with minimal material loss
  • Ultra-thin kerf and backing material reduces wood waste
  • Variable tooth spacing significantly reduces vibration
  • Ideal blade for cutting hardwoods or exotics
  • Wafer-thin veneers with minimal waste
  • Made from a C4 carbide tipped alloy
  • Can be resharpened 4 – 5 times
  • Cuts ultra-smooth
  • C3 Carbide teeth

Shear Force

Made in the US | Heavy-duty Blade | Thin Kerf reduces waste | 0.24'' Backing | Made from Carbon Steel

Made in the US, the Shear Force bandsaw blade is compatible with nearly every bandsaw. Manufactured with an ultra-thin ,024″ backing and alternating 3-4 variable TPI, this ensures a smoother cut and significantly reduced vibration. If you are looking for a versatile blade with an exceptional precision cut, the Shear Force is your bandsaw blade. 

  • 1/” – 1” Width
  • 3-4 TPI
  • 2.5” – 4” Cutting Radius
  • Smooth Cut Finish


Made in Sweden | Heavy-duty Blade | Quality & Precision | Made from Carbon Steel

Made in Sweden, our Proforce bandsaw blade stock is the finest on the market. You will immediately notice the difference in quality and precision with the Proforce. Even though it’s an affordable bandsaw blade, the Proforce doesn’t compromise the cut. Every blade is hand welded on a state-of-the-art welder by one of our skilled professionals. Individually inspected for quality control and backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, the Proforce is a high quality bandsaw blade with an economy price.

  • 3/16″ – 2” Width
  • 10 – 1.25 TPI
  • 5/16th” – 7” Cutting Radius
  • Varied Cut Finish

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